Company Profile

Date:2022-09-09 11:24:48

Trading platform Krypto-Wealth

Welcome to Krypto Wealth Exchange.The exchange is part of Krypto Wealth Platform and it has the crucial role to be a gateway for our cryptocurrency the KWE token. We hope that through integration of resources and vast experience accumulated over the years you will have the best user experience.

Platform advantages:

1,We use cutting edge technology and block chain systems. Our cryptocurrency exchange script also supports auto detection of deposits, Each user is assigned with Unique deposit per coin. Deposits are detected instantly and credited to users. Withdrawals are automatic and in case of large amounts, the manual approval tool is used. Our Binance clone is used as a trading engine to perform the cryptocurrency exchanges. We can also plugin Huobi, and Coin base modules to extract information and perform trades. As an important mention the Binance clone is in development for over 6 years and it's performance is impressive. 

2,The Exchange Script engine allows instant assets trading using User to User orders matching from the Orderbook. The Dex module allows users to Buy Tokens using their Metamask/trust wallet. Alternatively the users can buy - sell crypto via the OTC module.

3,Our company is currently partnered with multiple ventures, decentralized finance protocols in order to provide enhanced safety and security coverage for deposits and smart contracts operations. as well as loss protection features for liquidity providers. The result is a more dependable ecosystem for all users.

4,Our exchange security and anti-theft features prevents fraud and other undesirable activities from occurring. Furthermore, our exchange solution also works with other systems and networks, so it can be integrated into the client's environment.

For more information on our platform please send us an email to :